R1 Roofing offers the best service for complete roofing and cladding solutions.


R1 Roofing leads the way in functional, versatile and long lasting roof cladding installation for residential, commercial and industrial applications. External cladding solution is executed rendering the latest building standards provided by Building Code of Australia(BCA).


  • You will get visited by a team of roofing experts ready to cater to your demands and needs.
  • They will help you decide on a cladding solution which can retain the look and sublimity of your property.
  • You will get an end-to-end report of the progress and whatever changes we are doing.
  • When the project ends, you will have a structurally sound roof with exquisite cladding work.

Our cladding solutions are versatile and resistant, and considering other elements of your property they can also maintain the aesthetic of the place.

We also install Metal Fascia to prevent rainwater from damaging the walls or your building.

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