R1 Roofing offers the best service for turnkey roofing and cladding solutions.

What we Offer


We embed standard, stability and strength in all of the roofing services we provide. Roof plumbing and roof restoration is our specialty. We offer metal fascia, downpipes, guttering, colorbond roofing and cladding solutions.

Metal Fascia

We are the ultimate roofing contractors of melbourne, we provide metal roofing solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

Colorbond Roofing

Metal Fascia is a reliable and economical substitute for the other roofing materials. R1 Roofing provides exquisite roofing services,


Gutter installation is an efficient way to ensure a safe outlet of the roof water into the ground and also protect the building...


R1 Roofing specialises in downpipe installation and downpipe replacement. These entities are a crucial part of the roof plumbing...

Roof Plumbing

Accumulated rainwater on a roof will start seeping into the building after sometime, which will make the building weaker...


Our comprehensive roofing services also include cladding, we can pull off low maintenance cladding with its primary purpose...

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