About Us

We are the most credible roofing service providers of Melbourne

What we do

We are Committed to Provide
Contemplated Roofing Solutions

R1 Roofing commits itself to fulfill all your roofing needs. You can’t disregard just how valuable a robust and reliable roof can be when it involves providing you with complete property protection.

Unlike other roofing companies, R1 Roofing focuses on the primary purpose of a roof, which is to provide shelter and we execute our projects accordingly.

We work on various types of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our services are not limited to just roofing solutions, we analyse all relevant facts right from the current structure condition, weather changes, and the client's expectations before formulating a plan.

The systematic protocol we have, helps us provide quality service on all of our projects, we offer holistic Roofing Services inclusive of gutter installation and drainage.

To ensure timely delivery, we closely monitor the entire operation from booking the contract till delivering the desired results.

We have a transparent billing system and render the services at competitive budgets.

Our Vision

We are a Roofing Company based out of Melbourne and we have extended our services to eastern and south-eastern suburbs. We have over 15 years of experience in the region and the credit for our success truly goes to our founder's vision and team values.

R1 Roofing was conceptualised with the vision to provide innovative and reliable roofing services in Melbourne.